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My 2018 Bucket list!

Hey y’all! I can’t believe that 2017 is just about over! For today’s post, I thought I would share with y’all my bucket list for 2018. This will kind of be like a 101 in 1,001 post but just things I would like to do in 2018. Throughout 2018 I will be documenting my progress on this post, and I figured it would be fun to do a post in June and/or December of next year and see how I am doing with completing my bucket list. I hope you enjoy it! Quick disclaimer I am probably not going to do everything on this bucket list more specifically the places I want to travel but a girl can dream lol.

My 2018 Bucket List:

  • Read a book every month. This may or may not have been a goal of mine last year, so hopefully, I actually complete it this year.
  • Get my driver’s license
  • Post at least twice a week here on the blog
  • Upload at least one video a month on my YouTube channel
  • Finish freshmen year
  • Start sophomore year
  • Visit Los Angeles
  • Visit New York City
  • Vist Walt Disney World
  • Be able to work with a brand for my blog/Instagram
  • Be healthier/ work out more and eat healthier
  • Take a spin class
  • Take a barre class
  • Reach 1,000 followers on Instagram. If you would like to help with this goal follow me on Instagram at @emmalynnnicholas lol.
  • Become a rep/ambassador for a company
  • Get more sleep
  • Drink more water
  • Be more organized
  • Post daily on Instagram
  • Find another show to watch on Netflix/Hulu. If you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments!
  • Be better at taking my acne pill. Hopefully, my dermatologist is not reading this lol.


I hope you enjoyed this post!  Please let me know what’s on your bucket list for 2018 in the comments below. Thank y’all so much for reading my blog, and I hope you enjoy reading it! I hope you continue to read my blog in 2018, and that 2018 is amazing for you! Starting in 2018 I will be posting Mondays and Thursdays here on the blog, and if I post a youtube video I will upload it on Saturdays.  I can’t wait to see y’all in 2018!



Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas or if you don’t celebrate Christmas I hope you had/have a happy holiday! I hope you enjoy time today with your friends and family and have a great day!

Merry Christmas/ Happy holidays,


How to Write a Thank You Note

Hey guys! Christmas is in two days, I repeat two days!! Today’s post is all about how to write a thank you note. During this time of year, you are probably getting gifts, and one of the best ways to say thank you is by writing a thank you note card. My parents have always taught me to write a thank you note when somebody gives me a gift, and I am so thankful for that. In this post, I will be telling y’all some tips on how to write thank you notes that I have found online and some cute thank you note cards! Here, here and here are some of the websites I looked at to find these tips if you wanted to find more tips.


Tips for writing thank you notes

  • Write the thank you note pretty soon after you receive the gift. I bet most of you have this next week off from school so after Christmas would be the perfect time to write your thank you notes to get them sent off as soon as possible.
  • When writing the thank you note be sure to mention the item or items you received in your thank you note.
  • Always express your gratitude.
  • At the beginning of the letter be sure to address who you are writing to. Example: Dear Emma,
  • At the end of the letter be sure to close the letter by saying thank you again for the gift you received.
  • To finish the letter off be sure to write love, many thanks, sincerely, etc. and then on the next line put your name.









This is the thank you card set that is pictured above. Here (I believe you can get these cheaper in stores), here, here, here, and here are other cute thank you card sets!  I love this card set because it has a card for pretty much every occasion. Another idea for stationary is to get personalized stationery, and that can be used for any occasion. I got personalized stationary last year from Papyrus, and I loved it!


I hope this blog post helped you, and that you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for reading this post!



Last Minute Gift Guide for Her

Hello, there! Today’s post is a last minute gift guide for her. This is just like yesterday’s post but these gifts would be great to give your wife, girlfriend, best friend,  sister, aunt, grandma, etc. You can read yesterday’s last minute gift guide for him here. I actually wrote another gift guide with ideas perfect for teens, young adults, or even women. You can read it here. Like yesterday’s post most of these items you will be able to find in Nordstrom for easy shopping and to be sure you get your gifts before Christmas, but if you are planning to order online please order before noon today to guarantee that your gift will come before Christmas. Also, Nordstrom has where you can order online and pick your order up in stores or curbside to make it even easier for you.


Gift Idea #1 Candles


Diptyque candles are great gifts to give! Other candles that are great to give are Nest (get the Morrocan Amber candle, it smells so good!), Jo Malone, or Bath & Body Works!
Perfume and perfume gift sets are always great gifts to give, and around the holiday season, there are so many perfumes and perfume sets out. This Tiffany & Co perfume gift set and its packaging are so nice!
Gift idea #3 Beauty Gift Sets/ Burberry Beauty Festive Beauty Box
This Burberry Beauty box comes with mascara, their fresh glow luminous base in nude radiance, a lip velvet, and an eyeshadow color. The packaging is also so nice, and this gift set is under $50!  Around the holidays there are so many different beauty gift sets you can find to gift!
This playset is so cute!
Gift idea #5 Gift card
As I mentioned in yesterday’s gift guide gift cards are also great gifts to give. You can give a gift card to the recipient’s favorite store, restaurant, or anything in between. Gift cards can be found at Lowes, Home Depot, grocery stores, etc.
I hope this gift guide helped you and that you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for reading!

Last Minute Gift Guide for Him

Hello! Today’s post is another gift guide, but this one is for him. This gift guide would be perfect for dads, boyfriends, husbands, uncles, grandfathers, brothers, etc and most of these items you can find easily at Nordstrom. I wanted to make a gift guide where you could find easily the gifts in stores because now if you order something online it may not get here by Christmas, which nobody wants that.  Nordstrom is probably my favorite store, and there are so many ideas for gifts you can find there. By the way, Nordstrom is not sponsoring this post (I wish!). Nordstrom if you are reading this, I would love to be sponsored so hit your girl up lol.


Gift Idea #1 Fitbit Iconic Watch

This is perfect for the man interested in fitness or wanting to get in shape in the new year. I believe that this is Fitbit’s newest watch, and it is also 10% off at Nordstrom! I think the Fitbit Iconic Watch or any sports watch would be a great gift to give to any age!
The perfect set to pamper the man in your life! This set is under $50!
Gift Idea #3 Ugg Scruf Slipper
These slippers look so cozy and perfect for the winter!
Cologne is always a great gift to give. During the holidays there are always great cologne gift sets, such as the one in the picture. This Burberry fragrance gift set has four mini Burberry fragrances, looks nice, and is under $50! If your recipient’s favorite cologne has a nice gift set or if you find a gift set with a cologne you think they might like I would suggest gifting them that.
The puzzle will be great for the little construction man in your life. The puzzle pieces also make sounds when they are placed in their spot.
This plush set would be too cute for the little sports star in your life!
Gift Idea #7 Gift card
Gift cards are always a great gift to give because they allow the gift recipient to chose what they want and most stuff goes on sale after Christmas so they might even be able to get stuff on sale! You can pick a gift card to the recipient’s favorite store, restaurant, or anything in between. To easily find gift cards go to the actual store or go to your local CVS, Walgreens, Lowes, Home Depot, grocery store, etc. and look at their gift card rounder. My family and I are always able to find lots of gift cards in those places.
I hope you enjoyed this gift guide and were able to get some ideas on what to get the special man in your life! Thank you so much for reading this post!

A Comfy Christmas Outfit

Hey guys! We are just about a week from Christmas, which is so exciting but equally stressful. Is your to-do list miles long and you have a million errands to do before Christmas? Then this outfit is perfect for you! I know this week there is so many things I have to do, and for some errands, you don’t want to get all dressed up. That’s why for errands this comfy outfit is both functional and festive for the holidays.

I got this sweatshirt on sale at Nordstrom after Christmas last year, so it is sadly not available. Some of my favorite comfy festive Christmas shirts are here (I actually own this shirt!), here, and here! My yoga pants are from Pink. Pink has tons of different yoga pants here. My yoga pants are probably these. For shoes, I am just wearing my cream colored Nike tennis shoes.
I hope you got an idea for an outfit to wear while you conquer your to-do list before Christmas and that you enjoyed this post!

Las Vegas Day 3 & 4

Hi there! I am so sorry for not having this post up two days ago, I have been so busy! Today’s post is about what my mema, mom, and I did in Las Vegas last Thursday and early Friday morning.

After we woke up and got ready for the day we headed over to the Wynn resort for breakfast at the buffet with our neighbor. A couple that lives in our apartment building was actually in Las Vegas the same time we were there, so we had breakfast with our neighbor and had so much fun! The Wynn Buffet is a great buffet to go to when you are in Las Vegas.  I loaded my plate with lots of yummy options.

After breakfast, we took some pictures at the Wynn.



Next, we headed over to the Fashion Show mall. I didn’t shop too much here. We also didn’t eat lunch today because we ate at the buffet and weren’t too hungry.


In the afternoon we went got back to our room to relaxed for about thirty minutes, and then housekeeping came so we headed back out. We first walked over to the Bellagio resort to see their Conservatory all Christmasy. The Conservatory at the Bellagio is like their garden which the decorate for the seasons and Chinese New Year. It is always so pretty and smells good! After we walked around and took pictures we went into a little home store inside the Conservatory which was all Christmasy and also walked around the Bellagio resort and went into two stores and their bakery.


This is a chocolate fountain!

For dinner, we walked to the Cosmopolitan to eat at their restaurant,  Secret Pizza. Secret Pizza is a small pizzeria that is pretty hard to find and the Cosmopolitan does not advertise. Secret Pizza doesn’t have a lot of options but was pretty good and very cheap.

So sorry that I didn’t get a picture before I started eating my pizza!

After we ate we went to Milk Bar. I got the confetti cookie and the birthday cake milkshake. I ate the cookie when I got back home and it was so good! The milkshake was pretty good too!


After stopping at Milk Bar, we walked back to our hotel. Yes, I drank a milkshake in forty degree weather lol! Once we got back we got ready to leave the next day and for bed.


On Friday morning, we got up and got ready to leave. Before leaving I made sure to take lots of pictures of the hotel and our room for a post that will be up in January, so be on the lookout for that! We had an early flight so we just ate at the airport. After breakfast, we were en route back home.

Thank you so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it!



Las Vegas Day 2

Hey! Today’s post will be the second post in my series of Las Vegas posts. If you haven’t read the first post, read it here. For today’s post, I will be telling y’all what my mom, mema, and I did on our second day in Las Vegas!

Once we got up and got ready last Wednesday, we headed to get some breakfast. I picked for breakfast for us to go to Bouchon, which is a  French restaurant. At the Venetian/Palazzo, there are three different Bouchon restaurants, one is the sit-down which is the one we went to and they also have two walk-up bakeries. I believe that the actual Bouchon restaurant has more options but is pricier than the bakeries. I had off the appetizer menu, the beignets which were pretty good and the beignets came with a raspberry sauce and a Nutella sauce! I also had a hot chocolate. Funny story it took us forever to find Bouchon! We were walking everywhere. You have to go over to the Venetian side, take the elevators to the Venezia Tower, and go down a long hallway before reaching Bouchon. The elevators to the Venezia Tower are in the check-in/ check-out are for the Venetian.

After breakfast, it was time to shop! We first went into the Sephora at our hotel, and I got a couple of things. Then, on our way to the Forum Shops at the Ceasar’s hotel, we stopped off at the Mirage hotel to see their Christmas decorations.

After stopping off at the Mirage, we continued on our way to the Forum Shops. I always enjoy going to the Forum Shops at Ceasar’s when we are in Las Vegas!

When we were just about to leave the mall and go back to our hotel we saw a restaurant had just started serving happy hour. The restaurant was Border Grill and they had a really good happy hour menu. They had $3 tacos. Both my mema and I got the fish taco and it was so good. For the table, we also split their nachos. Their happy hour runs from 3-6 Tuesday-Friday.
Sorry for the really bad photo quality!

After shopping and eating at Border Grill, we just headed back to our hotel. Once we got back to our hotel we just relaxed, napped, and watched Hallmark Christmas movies. My mom and mema did go downstairs before bed and went to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and got me the peppermint hot cocoa which was so good. After drinking my hot cocoa I went to bed.


Thank you so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope to see you tomorrow for the day three and early Friday morning post! Happy Wednesday!



Las Vegas Day 1

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first post of the three Las Vegas I will be posting! This past week my mom, mema (my grandma), and I traveled to Las Vegas for a girl’s trip, so I thought I would write posts saying what we did. For this post, I will be talking about what we did last Tuesday. Tomorrow I will be talking about what we did last Wednesday, and on Thursday I will be talking about what we did Thursday and super early Friday morning.

We took a super early flight last Tuesday. I had to get up at 3:45, not fun. When we got to the airport we went to the United Club which was so nice to have a quiet place to get breakfast and relax before our flight. The flight to Las Vegas was so nice for me because we had little televisions on the back of the seats so I was able to watch Christmas movies, I had lots of leg room even though we were at the back of the plane, and I slept through all the turbulence lol. We landed in Las Vegas around 8:30, which was nice because we had all day there. After we landed we got our bags and headed to the Palazzo, which is where we were staying. The Palazzo resort is is the sister hotel and is connected to the Venetian resort. After we got settled in our room we went to find something to eat. The Venetian/Palazzo has a food court, so we decided to go to Johnny Rockets and split two burgers and fries. I also got a vanilla shack which was pretty good. Once we finished eating we went to the Grand Canal Shoppes, which is the mall at the Venetian/Palazzo. We went to Alex and Ani, Basin White, and Harley Davidson. We even went to Carlo’s Bake Shop, which is the bakery on Cake Boss. At Carlo’s Bake Shop we picked up a big box of their Italian butter cookies which we snacked on during our trip. We also went to the Walgreen’s at our hotel. We love going to Walgreen’s to pick up snacks and drinks at a cheaper price than in the hotels, malls, or restaurants.   After shopping for a bit we went back to our room to relax a little before heading out tonight.


Around five or so we got up and got ready. Our first stop was the Linq Promenade, where we ate at Gordon Ramsey Fish and Chips and split their combo box. I highly recommend sharing their combo box and just ordering extra drinks because it comes with three fish filets and plenty of fries to share. This restaurant is not a sit-down restaurant, you order at the counter. It is also very small and affordable.

In the picture, there is only one filet, but it actually comes three. They also let you pick two sauces other than ketchup, and then you can just get ketchup by the soda machine.

While we were at the Linq Promenade, which is a little area at the Linq hotel with stores, restaurants, and more,  we went and walked around and went into the Harley Davidson shop. My grandparents have a Harley Davidson motorcycle, so that’s why we went to so many Harley Davidson stores.  Soon, we headed over to the Ceasar’s resort because my mema and I were going to see Reba, Brooks & Dunn in concert. The show was so good!

My mema and I at the concert!


After the concert, we walked around the Forum Shops, which is the mall at the Ceasar’s resort. Then, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for bed.

As you can tell, Las Vegas day one was great!
Thank you so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it! I will be posting day two tommorow. Have a great day!

A Holiday Look

Hello there, long time no blog! I am so sorry this is the first time I have blogged this week. For most of this week, I was in Las Vegas, so next week Tuesday-Thursday here on the blog I will be recapping what I did in Las Vegas. On to today’s post! Today’s post is a holiday look collab with Ella from Ebulliently Ella! Ella has the cutest style and she is so sweet! If you like my blog you would love her blog, so you should definitely check her blog out here!

Here is my holiday outfit!

For my holiday look, I am wearing this red buffalo check shirt, which has the cutest ruffles down the center. I tucked my shirt into this old black skirt from Express. This skirt looks like the one I am wearing except longer if you were wanting to get a skirt similar to mine. I am also wearing some black tights and these black flats. For jewelry, I am wearing this necklace (on sale!) and these earrings. I hope you liked my holiday look, and I will see you on Tuesday-Thursday this week here on the blog! Be sure to check out Ella’s blog! Have a great week!

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